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Did we say Lemon’s?

There is no better why to wake up your digestion in the morning with warm lemon water.
Squeeze one lemon into warm water, and 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse and wake up your digestion first thing in the morning.


Zanelle Vorster Pace Endurance Coaching Success Story


My Ironman 70.3 Journey

I still remember my very first triathlon. I had been inspired after watching close friends absolutely blow my mind doing the Cairns IM 70.3. Never in my life I thought, would I be capable of this. The endurance, the strength within their bodies was too amazing to comprehend and I found myself wondering what it would feel like, how satisfying such an accomplishment must be. I envied them, but not me, I couldn't possibly survive 70.3 gruelling miles.

Months later, due only to some friendly peer pressure, I was signed up for my first tri - I might add that it came as a complete surprise when I received an email congratulating me on my entry. It meant that I would have to swim 400 metres, cycle 15 and run 2.5 kilometres. It was tiny but I was scared out of my skin. When I crossed the finish line that day, I was exhausted.

Fast forward to 2015. Again, completely against my better judgement I found myself in a pickle. A big pickle that would take me 70.3 miles along the streets of Da Nang, Vietnam. I've never been one to resist peer pressure well, the old fear of missing out always too strong. And so I did it, together with friends including my now coaches I was on a journey to compete in my first 70.3 half Ironman.

What seemed impossible three years prior was now a goal. The self doubt still existed but with every training session I would feel small improvements. I didn't just decide to go for a 21 kilometer run one day but slowly I did start feeling my arms pull through the water with intent. My legs pushing a little harder as I ran and my backside being a bit more tolerant to a 60 kilometer ride. That 60 kilometer ride soon became 75 and the 5 kilometer run became a comfortable 10. Yes I was tired at the end but to my surprise my body was slowly evolving. The process was gradual but genuinely astounding. The feeling addictive.

Then came the day. I felt good. I had faith in my preparation and what my coaches had instilled in me, but I had no idea what to expect. During my training I had learned to love the swim. It was alone time. I still use it to gather my thoughts and tell myself to keep fighting to the end. There is no turning back once your feet hit the water - the race has begun.

Whatever I thought I should expect is not what I experience on one very, very, very hot South East Asian day. A beautiful swim was followed by a warm ride, and a half marathon which could only be described as the hardest thing I had ever done! I was extremely fortunate to have four great friends waiting for me at the end of my first 70.3 that day - all had been through the same internal struggles competing in the race. All had experienced the unique combination of emotions unexpectedly passing through your mind and body. All understood the fun, jubilation, satisfaction, pain and indescribable feeling of crossing the finish line.

It was a moment I will treasure forever. 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run - I did an IronMan 70.3.

Since, I have competed in two more half IM's making that a grand total of three for 2015 - not bad for a rookie. Every race different, each so much fun. The 70.3 Philippines, which in 2016 will serve as the location for the Asian Championships to no-one's surprise, is an absolutely stunning course. Literally lined by local supporters, there is never a dull moment. Deciding to keep the good times going we also signed up for the Bintan 70.3, only a hop skip and jump away from Singapore where we currently live. Another very hot day and a very hilly ride made for an interesting race and just when I thought it was time to enjoy a coconut water and a massage... qualification for the IronMan 70.3 World Championships 2016!

Turns out anyone is capable of achieving what they set out to do, whatever that is for you. I am not special but I had a purpose and was encouraged by the people around me, my coaches, my training and the incredible feeling of a powerful, healthy body helping me to achieve my unachievable.

Give it a go - you will not regret it!

Thanks to Sarah and Nic at Pace Endurance Coaching who have taught me everything I know about triathlons.

Dr Zanelle Vorster


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