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It’s not about the quick fix or fad diet, its about working EACH DAY and sticking to it! You won’t see the results overnight but you will see them if you REALLY want to achieve your weight loss goal. It’s about being consistent, focused, determined and wanting that lifestyle change for the good. I ask my clients all the time, how important is your health to you? Ask yourself this question, and then see how important your health is to YOU. Do you want to live a long life for/with your kids, family, partner and be rid ofcancer and diseases? Or do you want to keep enjoying that trans fat donut or chocolate and shortening your life? 

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and change your lifestyle for a healthy one FOREVER.



Start 6wks
Weight (kg) 61 56.7
Hips (cm) 96 86.5
Waist (cm) 86 77



“I was never a morning person, but I found that having a commitment of group training early in the morning with other women just as busy and tired as me; kept me coming back and encouraged me in transforming my body, health and attitude. I love the meal plans, the variety of workouts and the sense of ownership which I never got going to traditional gyms. I highly recommend InBody Fitness to help you achieve your goals and in particular the group training. By 7:15am I have had an awesome workout, a shower and ready to start the day fired up and ready to tackle all my challenges head on, stronger, fitter and happier”.


Start 6wks
Weight (kg) 67.9 64.9
Hips (cm) 105.6 99
Waist (cm) 78.5 73




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