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Start 6wks
Weight (kg) 61 56.7
Hips (cm) 96 86.5
Waist (cm) 86 77



“I was never a morning person, but I found that having a commitment of group training early in the morning with other women just as busy and tired as me; kept me coming back and encouraged me in transforming my body, health and attitude. I love the meal plans, the variety of workouts and the sense of ownership which I never got going to traditional gyms. I highly recommend InBody Fitness to help you achieve your goals and in particular the group training. By 7:15am I have had an awesome workout, a shower and ready to start the day fired up and ready to tackle all my challenges head on, stronger, fitter and happier”.


Start 6wks
Weight (kg) 67.9 64.9
Hips (cm) 105.6 99
Waist (cm) 78.5 73




InBody's 2014 City-Bay Program - Jenny

This year, 2014, was my third City to Bay Fun Run with Inbody Run Club. Nic and Sarah are great coaches and I have been able to improve my time each year. Its so much fun to have people to meet you at the end of the race. Everyone is so supportive. Jenny Smith

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